grass-fed & grass finished

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Grass-fed beef is the true healthy red meat. Our mission is to offer a consistent supply of grass-fed beef with the ever increasing demand. GrassKickin beef bundles are more convenient, simple and easier to cook making planning your family meals more hassle-free.

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Grass-fed lamb has very similar high nutrient health benefits to grass-fed beef. We offer a small special bundle to our customers from our friends at Cattail Creek Lamb in Junction City, Oregon.

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Hard to find, made from quality grass-fed beef cuts and smoked with a 100% Paleo marinade and pressurized smoking. We want you to taste the grass-fed meat first, then enjoy the complex but subtle marinade accents. (IN THE WORKS)

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The best pasture cleansers are the busy chickens eating grasses, grubs, bugs, and rigorously thatching there way through the fields. Our egg yolks are thick, bright orange and the egg whites are clear!

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